Adult fantasy game

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Gamers who are looking for a little something different to indulge their fantasies will want to check out Gametusyan innovative adult video series inspired by video game characters and amazing cosplay arts. Gametusy is a concept which is a little hard to encapsulate, because it is so innovative and unique. Basically, it is an interactive fantasy-themed adult video series where you as an audience member get to play a role in the direction of the story. And you get to be a part of it by voting on what happens to them next.

Needless to say, this is an amazing way to distract yourself and have some fun during lockdown. So, there is a lot to look forward to! What game-inspired characters fight and explore their desires in the world of Gametusy? First, there is Zelda who looks more adult fantasy game Link. Next is L-Jinraised as a monk since the age of 4. During the course of his training, he is sent on a journey out adult fantasy game the world to discover what life is like for those outside his order.

Then there is Dariathe wife of a late innkeeper, who sleeps with her customers and struggles with heartbreak. Next, Omnian is a peasant who trained with the Palasins paladins, essentially. While initially enthused about their crusades, he later lost faith and left the order, retaining his combat skills.

Luxianna is a libertine who is under fire for her lifestyle and who is in danger of separation from her lover, the castle guard captain. Finally, there is the BalancerDalian. As an aging member of his order, he spends a lot of his time with women or drinking away his troubles.

But great challenges lie ahead on his path. Those who want to the heroes of Gametusy on their adult adventures can do so by purchasing a membership. There are four different membership tiers, each with progressively more benefits: Registered, Legendary, Epic, and Ultimate Limited Edition. It also provides you with limited access to the black market feature and an affiliate link. As for the affiliate link, that is an opportunity to get more coins through referrals. All three of the paid tiers include full video content for Gametusy, including special episodes.

You also receive coins more on that in a moment in exchange for your membership fees. The higher your tier, the more coins you receive. Members at all three levels can participate in the voting system. Ultimate Limited Edition membership also includes the Limited Gift package and a monthly lottery ticket.

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What are coins and how do they work? These are the Gametusy currency which you can use to vote on what happens next in the story. The more coins you have, the more voting power you possess. Here are some examples of past votes to give you an idea for the kind of interactive influence you can have on the adventure:. Members are not just passive viewers, but participants. After a vote ends, you can see how the total coins which members spent voting for each option.

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That alone would make it an innovative series. But the fact that members can vote and choose what happens next takes it to a whole new level. We will be excited to see what lies ahead for the Gametusy heroes.

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How can you become a part of the Gametusy adult fantasy adventure? Navigate to the Gametusy website.

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That is an awesome discount! If you purchase up to 6 months at a time, you can save even more. So consider grabbing a 6-month membership at a super low price while you can! Search for:. Stacey Powers 12 months ago Facebook. Older Posts.

Adult fantasy game

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Gametusy is a Gaming-Inspired Adult Fantasy Adventure