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My niece Hannah--technically, my wife's niece, her older sister's daughter--had finally picked our little game up where we had long since left it off. The last time she had stayed with us--two years earlier--we'd played variations of the asstr game game under the approving eye of both my wife--her aunt--and my sister-in-law--her mother--for the entire two-week visit.

At the time, we had all thought it especially cute that as Hannah's actual uncle, I always made her say "uncle," the classic good-humored expression of submission, before I would let her go. Two summers ago, when Hannah had been an immature twelve years old, she was always up for a round. I would no sooner catch her, tickle her playfully, obtain the "uncle! This year, I had expected things to be different. And I suppose they were different, in some very important ways. First, at fourteen, a much more "mature" Hannah was supposed to no longer be entertained by "kid stuff" like the asstr game 'uncle'" game.

I suppose that is why, instead of fifteen minutes, it took her almost twenty-four hours before she issued the first challenge and started it all up again. Second, this time the visit was going to last much longer than two weeks. Hannah's mom was with the State Department and had just been posted to Egypt. With all the turmoil in that part of the world, it was decided that Hannah would be better off living with us, here in Pennsylvania, for the next two years.

So our little game, which had successfully whiled away a brief vacation visit in the past, would probably grow old pretty fast now that we were, for all intents and purposes, a full-time family. Third, the last time I had seen Hanna in person, she had been a rail-thin, cute little. Today, she was still thin--svelte might be a better term now--and she certainly was still a cutie, although now in a distinctly sassy, post-pubescent sort of way--but "little kid" was no longer an apt descriptor.

Her waist was still narrow, as a fourteen-year-old's can so easily be, but her hips had widened. Her pelvis asstr game reached that "sweet spot" in the maturation trajectory, distinctly mid-way between child and woman. Her rump had always shelved out a bit in back--I remember that even as a little girl, her cousins had teased her, saying that she looked and walked like a duck. Now it had grown even more outthrust, tauntingly, and had further swelled in roundness and nubility. Don't get me wrong--she still had a tight little ass--it's just that it now had a more pronounced shape, especially in profile.

Her attitudes had grown up, too--maybe a little too fast, in fact. When my wife and I picked her up at the airport, she was wearing a little bit of make-up.

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My wife hadn't said anything, but I could tell she thought Hannah was too young for that just yet. Hannah must have picked up on that wavelength, since she wasn't wearing any the next day. Personally, I didn't see any harm in it, and neither had her own mother, I p, since she had sent her off that way, but never mind. Hannah had plenty of time yet to grow up, with or without makeup. On the other hand, Well, not too little a matter, if you see what I mean. The former rail-thin asstr game was now a relatively well-endowed fourteener. I would have to guess her ta-tas, displayed unashamedly in a low-necked, skin-tight top, had swelled from the walnuts I remembered into an impressively full B-cup.

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That might not sound that large, but if you can accurately picture those breasts jutting out from asstr game high perch on a very petite eighty-pound frame, I think you'll call them impressive, too. One thing was not debatable: Hannah at fourteen already had bigger tits than either her own mother or my wife, her aunt.

Hannah's mom had always kept the details of Hanna's paternity to herself, but asstr game conceived our niece while posted as a junior consular officer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It had always been obvious that this mystery father must have been of a slightly darker complexion than my wife's family, because while Hannah's mom was blonde-haired, blue-eyed, and fair-skinned, Hannah herself had big, dark brown eyes, beautiful black hair worn straight and longand a perpetual tan.

Now, from the evidence of her straining top, I concluded that this biological father also came from a family of busty women. If Hannah had this rack at fourteen, I could only imagine what the women of her father's side sported when full grown. So between her specious new sophistication, the more permanent nature of her stay, and her obvious physical development, I had pretty much assumed that the days of the "say 'uncle'" game were long gone.

That assumption survived for less than twenty-four hours. The way I remember it, it doesn't take much to get you to surrender. A few tickles or spanks, and you're shouting 'uncle. And a wimp, like all .

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I'm fourteen now. I got lots more control. I can take anything you can dish out, and still not give up. When she glanced away for just a moment, I grabbed her, hooked an arm around her waist, and declared, " No fair! I gave her cute little butt, encased in its tight denim, a quick swat. I had intended to move on to tickling from there, but frankly, I was surprised by my own reaction to that asstr game. Instead of immediately abandoning that activity, my open palm struck again. And then a third time. What surprised me in this was that the decision to continue after the first spank had not been made by me; rather, it had clearly been made by my prick alone!

My prick obviously enjoyed the close contact, despite the layers of clothing, with the firm, thin fourteen-year-old torso lying against it. My prick had also obviously enjoyed the display of the young teen's rear-end, and image seemingly forwarded to it directly from my eyes, at the command of a primal brainstem unwilling to await permission from my reasoning faculties.

And just asstr game obviously, my prick had clearly received an instantaneous telegraph, along the wiring of my nervous system, conveying to it the tactile pleasure of my open palm striking my niece's firm but yielding buttocks. So what was it, you may ask, that made this all so "obvious?

Once my brain caught up, I was able to take back control.

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There was no fourth spank. Now, before I continue with my story, I feel I have to clarify something. I am neither a prude nor a hypocrite.

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I am fully aware that adolescent girls are attractive to men. In my opinion, Nature has ordained this very thing. Only the blessings of civilization, modern educational opportunities, and the emancipation of the female--all very good things--have made the pairing of older men and young teenaged girls no longer acceptable. Nor have I ever felt myself immune to that hebephilic attraction.

Many a reluctant shopping trip with my wife--a pastime most tedious to me, in itself--has asstr game redeemed through my careful but avid observation of the packs of thirteen- and fourteen-year-old cuties patrolling the mall circuit.

Watching their half-intentional, half-innocent little displays, swishing and swaying their way through the food court, I have unambiguously experienced sexual attraction; sometimes to the point of tumescent reaction. So it could not have surprised me in this instance that I was capable of being stimulated sexually by an adolescent as much as by--or sometimes even more than by--a fully mature woman.

No, that was no surprise. And I am sure that some readers would suggest--and I am in no position to dispute--that in our past horseplay, when Hannah had been twelve, there had been a subconscious undercurrent of sexuality in the activity, albeit sublimated, on both our parts.

In fact, I'm sure there must have been; after asstr game, I doubt very much that either of us would have played the game had she been my twelve-year-old nephew. Lastly, I have already demonstrated my ability to appraise my niece's developing physical charms, and to notice that she was now quite "sexy;" Hell, her own mother would have made the same objective appraisal. But the discovery that it all fit together--that I was attracted, as are most men, to teenaged girls, that my niece was a very attractive teenaged girl, and that our silly little game was, in its way, pseudo-sexual--was a surprise.

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The result was that my penis had decided, and my conscious mind had concurred, that together they both really wanted me to fuck the living shit out of fourteen-year old Hannah--my own niece! The conscious mind, however, is aware of things like consequences, and so it took control of the situation and overruled my prick, staying my hand from a fourth spank, in order to prevent Hannah herself from figuring out just what it was that my asstr game had decided. No, a fourth spanking by itself would not itself have given it away--she'd received more than three--many more--in some of our games.

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However, the rapidly hardening cock poking up into her side might just have let the cat out of the bag. So rather than continue with the spanking, I hoisted her up, into a sitting position facing me, making sure that her exquisite ass rested astride one of my thighs, and not atop my tell-tale crotch. I held her tightly, with hands grasping either side of her slender waist, and she took hold of my forearms, trying to push herself away and free.

That was the point of the game, but there was really only one way for her to get free. She was still ticklish, I was happy to see. I squeezed in again, this time wriggling the fingertips independently. She gasped, and cried "Stop! You'll have to say 'uncle' if asstr game want me to stop. You have to surrender. Are you ready to say it? I tickled her sides again, and she squirmed and twisted, both in response to the digital assault and in a valiant effort to escape and end the game without having to submit.

Asstr game

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