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That does look a bit silly. Didn't they use mo-cap for this game?

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Not so performance heavy and accurate enough the motion of body is heavily exaggerated in those gifs, so it would be very subtle in that Ryse's scene. Looks to me like it was just an artifact from the mocapping. The actor was probably wearing a lycra body suit and the points where on the wrong place so they were stretched down instead of staying in place.

As for other exampeles of silly tit physics, the best they can be efficiently moddled is a simple spring, maybe a mass on the end of a spring. It's not going to be particularly realistic due to the lack of constraint and it probably will have certain conditions where it's completely out of whack. Sure it might get exaggerated from time to time, but thats often just to make the effect more obvious and thus a justifiable expense happens with a lot of things.

Also, considering she is probably a greek godess, she is actually pretty overdressed, they tended to have their tits out pretty frequently This article just seems another case of traditional bitching and moaning about pretty harmless and meaningless stuff with little regard for the actual reason for it.

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I guess at least we should be happy they acknowledged that there are reasons for it, even if they then proceeded to ignore that and bitch anyway. Completely static breasts would be a much better choice here, but this game is silly, so the didn't even give a f I don't think feminists have a problem with female characters having breasts, especially since one of their big pushes is to desexualize the female body so that men see them as people and not a walking set of tits.

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So having a female character is fine, having them have boobs is fine. Going out of your way to emphasize the boobs, they're not gonna like it. One of the examples i've seen is any game where women where body armor, and there are breasts molded onto the armor. For purely functional reasons, you would never make armor that way, since it would deflect blow into the center of the chest. The only reason such armor exists is to show off the tits of the character.

Now I'm not saying this is personally how I feel, since I'm a dude, and i like boobies. I'm just saying that there's a reason, good or no, feminists get upset about the portrayal of females in a historically male dominated market. Ryse and the problem of breasts in video games.

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