Cum control game

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Let EdgeMePlease. Select your options then follow the instructions. Edge me please! When the screen is dark greenyou can jerk offbut you are not allowed to cum. When the screen turns dark redyou need to stop jerking off immediately. Cum control game are not allowed to touch your dick. Be ready to cum when the progress bar gets near the CUM section, you never know when it will continue to progress! If you cum too early, get your hands off your cock and let the cum drip down.

You get a ruined orgasm for failing the game. When the screen turns bright greenyou can cum! When you get permission to cum, you will have a time limit. If the screen turns bright red, sorry, it's not your lucky day. Don't worry, if you fail, you can always start a new challenge from the beginning. I'm sure it will be even more fun with your cock still throbbing from the last session!

Open up some porn video to spice up the game! Good luck! Do you want to cum? No, I will cum later. I will cum only when I have earned it. I will do as you wish. Yes, please let me cum!

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I beg you to let me cum! Full stroke control? No use your own speed, except when instructed otherwise Yes, I need to be controlled.

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