Daddy screw me up game

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My two closest girl friends suck on my tits every day. For a year old girl, I have disproportionately big breasts. The winner gets her little buds sucked by me. I like picturing my petite body in his lap and playing with his adult size cock. Sherry is one of the girls I mentioned earlier and we both are cheerleaders. She is using up all her energy and breathing hard, I can feel her hot breath on my mound and it tickles. I start stroking her hair and squeeze her head with my thighs.

She giggles and calls me a slut and continues to work the skirt up to my waist. The sun is shining through the window and my face feels flushed and relaxed. You have a bad allergic reaction.

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I start feeling drowsy and my mind wonders back to when she was breathing heavily between my legs. I eventually get up and make my way down to the kitchen. As I walk past the den I see Mr. He is sitting on a recliner with his back to me…on the TV screen there were two men grabbing and fucking a woman furiously.

He must think no one is home! She looked like she was in so much pain but enjoying it tremendously. I feel a twinge of jealousy and my pussy starts aching really bad…and as I hear Mr. C groan a little in the chair, I can feel the juices running down into my panties. I am scared that Mr. C can smell my pussy…and then the unthinkable happened…I started to walk closer to the TV and stopped in front of Mr.

His shocked expression had eyes glazed with horniness. I see that his pants are down and his adult cock is standing straight up. We locked eyes and he gestured for me to sit on his lap. I barely balanced my little body on top of him and he ripped my daddy screw me up game off and went straight for my tits. Oh he sucked them so hard and took one entire breast in his mouth while he pulled and twisted on my other nipple. Having a grown man suck on my tits feels a million times better than my girl friends. I start grinding my wet pussy and feel his meaty cock growing harder and harder beneath me.

He takes a hold of the base and swirls the head of the cock up and down my clit. I am about to burst in excitement. Then he held my small waist with his big hands and pushed me down on the entire shaft of that fat adult cock. My mouth formed a perfect O it felt like he was going to split my tiny body in half. He stood up and carried me upstairs, with his cock still crammed inside my tiny hole. We enter into his bedroom and he throws me on the bed. Before I could say anything, he turned me around on all fours and fucked me fast and deep into my belly.

I am screaming so hard and can barely hold up my little ass for his gigantic cock. You like my cock you fucking slut? Take it. He pulls roughly me around and continues to fuck me while facing me. You good little slut. Say it. He smiled and looked so hot and we both smiled at each other while he shoved his dick in and out of me. I am starting to really enjoy being filled up by grown man meat. He reaches for my small hands and directs daddy screw me up game to pick up the cum inch by inch and feeds it into my mouth. It was still so warm and thick in my mouth, it tasted kinda sweet but sticky.

He told me I was being very obedient and grabs me up and walks me into the bathroom. I wanted to be his little girlfriend…I loved the way his hand holds mine. C filled up the bathtub and sat in it with me. He slowly washed and caressed my face and chest.

I am quivering with each touch and feel so close to exploding. He grabs me by the waist and props me up on the ledge of the bathtub and opens up my legs. C entered the house and called out from downstairs. C quickly wraps me up in a towel and I run downstairs my face completely flushed. I sit through the drive home quietly, wondering if this woman next to me knows my sore pussy hole has just been thoroughly fucked by her husband and I am so hungry for more. Sherry is back in her room resting. She feels so drowsy from the medicine and feels as light as a cloud.

Her mom feeds soup to Sherry before leaving the house for a party that night. He sits down on their bed and replays every image vividly of what happened earlier.

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His cock could barely fit, it was probably not supposed to. He was so close to tasting that sweet tender pussy. He can imagine exactly how good it smelled between her legs and starts licking his lips. He struggles to get a grip and finally decides to distract himself with some housework. He wondered if underneath the facade, his daughter was just as slutty as her friend.

His mind wonders to her pussy and how good it would feel to have put his mouth on it. He slowly trailed up under the covers up between her legs. She had on a pink pajama dress, covering her little developing breasts.

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He starts flickering his tongue on her clit and her juices poured out. He continues on to chew on the clit and daddy screw me up game with it in his mouth…watching his daughter moaning in her sleep. The juices are running down her crack and she squeezes his head up closer to her mound. Her heavy breathing is getting faster…and just as he stuck his tongue inside her pussy hole, his own daughter was cumming in his mouth. After school, Sherry and Caly are laying on their stomachs in her room. Caly was right, it does feel amazing!

Sherry wants to plot a pussy kissing game for them to play but is too shy to bring it up to Caly. As their little tongues flicker back and forth, Caly decides to kiss Sherry rough, like how Mr. C kissed her. Sherry loves this and her pussy starts dripping. The two became so hot and bothered they started grinding their pussies together but the aching only escalated. With the air saturated with the smell of girl pussies, his cock instantly became hard and he kneels down by the bed.

None of them could stop what they were doing. Plus it felt too good for her to stop now. All three of them moved up to the headboard and made out together. Plus I had him first. C readily complies and tells Sherry to watch and learn.

Sherry sits up beside her dad leaning against the headboard. He places me on top of him and ahh that fat cock beneath my pussy felt so damn good. My pussy juices flow out onto his cock and I grind on him until his entire shaft is shiny and glistening in my juices. I sit down on his dick and start riding up and down. C tells her to sit on his face. I watch her little ass go up and down as she grinds her pussy in his face.

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He tells her to turn around and show him how we kiss. We started kissing and I used my tongue as nasty as I could to impress Mr. Sherry was moaning differently and I looked to find him licking her asshole! I bite my lip daddy screw me up game bounce harder up and down his dick.

We both got off him and laid down. He came up and kissed me deeply and caressed my face. He turned both of us around and darted his tongue back and forth between our assholes. We felt so deliriously good as he pushed us on all daddy screw me up game and ate both our pussies til we came. He grabbed the back of our he and nudged us toward his cock. Our little tongues went wild all over his cockhead and shaft. Sherry and I fought over eating the precum.

I really wanted to make him cum, I want to be a better cocksucker than Sherry. I started taking in his fat cock deeper each time…then I started licking down to his balls, Mr. C groaned and said I was a good slut. Sherry started to do the same and we each sucked on his balls. I am determined to win him over and let Sherry suck his cock while I moved behind him and flicked my tongue at his asshole. I took Mr. C by surprise and he grabbed my hair really hard. I know he likes it though…I felt so slutty licking his asshole and kept shoving my little tongue deeper and deeper inside his asshole.

C cum and he pulled me to the front beside Sherry and shot his cum across our faces. I grabbed her hand to clean up the cum off my face and I ate it off her fingers. Then I turned and grabbed Mr. Before I could take my eyes off him, he was hard again! C pushed Sherry onto the bed and laid on top of her, it was filthy and raw to watch Sherry make out with her daddy. He slid his two fingers into her pussy and she made a big wet spot on the bed. C got up to grab me and stuck his fingers in my mouth, there was so much musky pussy juice I had to swallow it all in. He placed me on top of Sherry to stack up our little holes.

This made us so hot we started exchanging drips of saliva back and forth. Both of us wanted to keep his nice fat cock inside so bad. I could tell she was so close to cumming and Mr. Her tight hole squeezed on his cock so hard he had to pull out before he came himself. C put his cock inside me again and we fucked nicely and I turned back to smile at him.

C shot his cum inside me. It felt even better than him cumming on my face. I could feel the warm cum filling me up and dripping slowly out of my pussy. I laid back and exhaled. Since Mr. It turns me on to think about his firm palms rubbing coconut oil higher and higher inside her dewy sun kissed thighs.

After a month I reluctantly let go of my fantasies about Mr. Some boys at school asked me out and I only said yes because my pussy needed to be filled up. One day Mr.

Daddy screw me up game

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