Divine arms gameplay

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For our first game, we have Divine Arms. It is a story of a celestial diviner named Siggy who, by an unfortunate event, was stripped off her will and is now under your command. This is a demo of a game we are planning to develop further with the help of donations through Patreon.

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If you wish to support or participate in the game's development, please do pledge to our campaign. If you liked our titles like Witch Hunt or Forbidden Arms, we promise to create Divine Arms in enhanced flavor and in the best visual and gameplay we always offer. Replaced [T] for fullscreen toggle. Increase upgrade cost a bit. We're aware of the tunneling bug. We will fix this in the next update, thanks!

Wow, it's a cool game but it was made in and probably saw few public updates since. PS: She's Immortal on Level 1 so use it to your advantage. Levels are all against a large horde of those black blobs after picking a key.

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Thanks to my 4 Halo-copters level 3 summoning spell they didn't stand a chance. I was able to get out of the map on the second level using the 2 trees at the top right of the map. Divine Arms Demo Share Collapse. Author Comments. Newgrounds s are free and registered users see fewer !

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Many years has passed and still no full game on sight. Views 1, Faves: 2, Votes 2, Score 4. Tags angel demo hentai magic.

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Divine Arms Alpha Demo v1. Witch Hunt by vipervgames. Forbidden Arms: SFW by vipervgames. Forbidden Arms: Bloodlust by vipervgames. Ninja vs Zombies 2 by Moczan. Upgrade your weapons and defeat 20 zombies-filled levels in 3 different locations!

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Divine arms gameplay

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