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Which puts me in a worse-than-usual fix. No woman ever stood a chance with Dorian from Dragon Age. Dragon Age: Inquisitionreleased at Christmas for PS4, Xbox One and PC, is rapidly gaining a reputation among fangirls everywhere not so much for its richly imagined game world and its enjoyable battle mechanics but for its romance and sex elements. Yes, there is sex.

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Dorian, for example who is a gay character, hence the many-layered impossibility of my love strips off to adopt a rather Kim-Kardashian-esque pose displaying his, um, assets. If you choose to pursue a relationship with him — which you can do playing either sex — it all gets distinctly BDSM, including a scene in which you discuss safe words.

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I find all of this marvellously hopeful, in several ways. As one does. Looking ahead, it seems pretty clear that people are inevitably going to use the kind of virtual or augmented reality technology I discussed last month to make porn.

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Well, since the first person ever scratched an image on to a piece of reindeer bone, people have been using all available technologies to make porn. I am tremendously cheered by this, to be honest, and not just because of the feminist possibilities of gender-bending interactive erotica.

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Porn exists. In the absence of a simple, agreed way to find out whether people in live-action porn were beaten up, given drugs, had their drugs withheld, were lied to or coerced into appearing on those oh-so-easy-to-Google movies, virtual reality might mean we finally get some certifiably ethical porn.

The gaming column with Naomi Alderman Technology. Dragon Age: Inquisition - sex has never been so enjoyable in videogames. The latest Dragon Age game creates a feminist, gender-blind utopia.

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Dorian, right, gets up close and personal in Dragon Age: Inquisition, where sex and romance hold sway. Naomi Alderman. Tue 10 Mar Reuse this content.

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