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Ethan Machado is a former recurring character in the second season of Legaciesmaking his debut in the second ethans legacy game. He has since been promoted to main as of the third season. Nothing is known of Ethan's early history prior to moving to Mystic Falls.

He points her in the right direction for finding the Principal of Mystic Falls High Schoolwhich shocks Hope when she finds out it is Alaric. He bumps into her again in the changing rooms and jokes that she is stalking him, however she brushes this off. In You Remind Me of Someone I Used to KnowEthan, Dennis and a few other football teammates continue with their tradition of vandalism against the Salvatore Boarding School just prior to their annual charity football game.

Ethan decides to forsake the tradition in lieu of going home. The other two students follow him, as it's a nice night for a walk and leaves Dennis to his own devices. They find Hope and Mila standing next to vandalized property, though they clear them of any wrong-doing and Sheriff Mac leaves to meet with Alaric.

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As the day progresses, he and his fellow students arrive at the Salvatore Boarding School to play in their charity football game. After Hope seemly twists her ankle he steps in as quarterback which helps the team get neck and neck with their supernatural rivals. However, determined to win Josie uses a spell given to her by Professor Vardemus that ends up injuring Ethan's arm as he's about to make a pass. Soon thereafter, he's transported off the field and to the hospital.

Maya later reveals that he has lost the scholarship he has been working his entire life for. Ethan must run, however as he is late for practice, but tells Hope to ask him out if she wishes to spend more time with him.

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At the end of Commonwealth Day, he is seen jogging through the cemetery, and is almost attacked by the zombie jogger. Ethan is described as a "competitive athlete and good-hearted new student at Mystic Falls High School. Season Two. Wiki Content.

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Ethan Machado. History Talk 0. Alaric mentioned that Sheriff Mac's husband died under weird circumstances. Universal Conquest Wiki. This article is about Ethan from Legacies. Muggle by Lizzie. Leo Howard. This Year Will Be Different' '. That's Nothing I Had to Remember. He can't risk blowing out his knee on some pick-up game.

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