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Home Stories Submit Search. Welcome to Read Indian Sex Stories - here you will find some of the best Indian sex stories and the hottest sex fantasies that will make you cum. Family reunion sex game readers regularly share their most erotic experiences with us and you can too by submitting yours. We hope you enjoy your visit and can keep satisfying you with the best sex stories. As a preparation for the game the male participants should not have intercourse or masturbate before two weeks from the game day. The game was conducted to prove that all male cocks are good to satisfy all female vaginas, The game will take place in a big house where all TV's must be playing famous porn videos.

All the participant are medically checked for diseases and assuring they are not in birth control pills. This year i participated in this game, as I got excited about the game-play i thought of sharing it to you viewers. No condoms or any other birth control pills are allowed inside the game house. During the play no use of washroom is allowed all will be locked down. Lubes or oils are strictly prohibited. The female has to select a male partner of her choice, choosing which one of the cock shall enter into her vagina, when playing.

The male player should get ready with his penis making it hard by shagging it. The female player must get into her favorite position. The male should insert his hard penis into the female player's vagina. The male must keep his penis family reunion sex game inside the female player vagina for up-to 1 hour without releasing his sperms inside.

This game is to control the penis ejaculation. If he released his sperms inside the female player's vagina then the game is said to be lost. The charges for losing the game is given to the couple which have been lost in the game. The charges are: The disgraced male partner with a weak cock must suck "All" the male partners cock inside the house for a time of 5 minutes each cock. And must choose two cock and get anal fucked by that cock and take their sperms inside.

The Female partner must lick all female partners pussy for a time of 5 minutes each pussy and must corporate and let all the male partner inside the event house to fuck and cum inside his vagina and let them to enjoy you without saying "No" to anything they do a creampie gang bang.

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If she got pregnant, it's her choice to keep the baby or she can carry on a proper abortion by confirming whose baby it is. This my own written story viewers, Please forgive me for any grammar or verbal errors, Looking forward for an good feedback to continue this story I, My mother, my sister and my father ed to play the game.

Other members are my grandmother, grandfather, cousins, aunt, uncle, my step father, my step mother, others like aunt's daughter and son. Relation couples. On the game day, I woke up late and ed the breakfast. My mom and my sister greeted me a good morning with a kiss on my lips. My dad just slipped into his room seeing me getting kiss from my mom and sister. The day was slow to me and deep inside my heart i was waiting to play the game.

Because of the rule in the game that a male should not have intercourse or to masturbate before two weeks of the game day, I felt unhappy. My mom and sister kept me from intercourse and masturbation by locking my cock with a "male chastity cock cage" before a month ago from the game date.

The day goes on quick and we finished the family reunion sex game, my mom teased me looking into my cock cage and my sister told me that she was thinking about the game and whom she should pick to win the game. My mom told she would pick her husband, my sister got jealous and told that she wants daddy they two fights for my daddy's cock. I was also thinking of me, that who would pick me. My crush is on my small cousin she was now only 19 years old and she haven't had any cocks inside except her dad's that is also for one time only to take her virginity.

I know she must have a tight pussy and dreaming of inserting my cock inside the fresh tight pussy.

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We all dressed up nicely and took our car to the game house. Where we got excited seen our relatives. They welcomed me and my sister that we are new to this game and everyone man around me got eyes on my pretty sis. We were welcomed inside by my grandmothers and grandfathers. We submitted our report that we all are disease free and we took a test confirming that we all are not on birth control pills.

There was a big board that clearly says "No clothes are allowed beyond this point". My mom unlocked my cage and told me a best of luck. We removed our dresses and stood behind the door with underclothes because on the other side of the main hall door which displays the board there were windows which is not closed and they were opened fully. I heard voices inside the main room calling our names and calling us to come inside, then my grandmother approach us naked and told us to remove the underclothes now.

We did by making sure that no one watches us through the opened windows. Then we entered into the main hall seeing all my relatives standing naked family reunion sex game bare pussy and boobs, and men massaging their cock with one hand.

There she is! Now I saw her naked of my dream girl, the cute small body with sexy boobs and fresh pussy to be stuffed with my cock for an hour, can't even blink my eyes after seeing her naked body. I was completely fallen down under her legs and i was in so much love with her. Our grandmothers and grandfathers explained the rules which i have explained to you on the first and all the TV's started playing hard-core porn videos with audio and now comes the selection task. The selection starts, all the male members were excited and it was a heart beating moment. The game session starts… My Grandmother kissed my dad with passion and my dad hugged her and grabbed her ass with his two hands and give her a nice ass massage then they were on the bed.

They spread my grandmother legs slowly and the pussy was like a dense forest. Then he kept his firm cock on her pussy lips and rubbed there for some time with his hand holding the parted bushy hair. Then the timer is started for them. He started kissing.

By the side of the grandma and my dad playing the game, my grandfather lifted my sister with his to hand like a small baby and put her on the bed without any smooching or foreplay her parted her legs apart and take his big cock on his hand and shown it to my sister. She was shocked after seeing the size it was 7. I can see the fear in her face and grand dad is smiling and convincing my sister to not to get fear, he continues to tell he that grandma was also first afraid of this big family reunion sex game and now she enjoys it and the cock got her pussy loosened to get 3 cock inside at a time.

He tells if my sister co-operates she can also be a nice slut to take all three cock inside her vagina. She then takes a deep breath and holds it. Granddad spre her legs fully and taking her massive cock in one hand pushing it into her small vagina hole slowly without any lubrication. She screamed a lot and crying telling her vagina hole is tearing apart and hurting her so much. Granddad pull back his cock out from sister and looks at her wife, where he takes his sons cock inside and enjoying it, Grandma told my sister to get relaxed and again convinced her that it will be quick and after that she can see all the cock inside her pussy with great pleasure.

She again relaxed and now she automatically spre her legs apart and pulls her pussy lips to sides with her hands and tell granddad to insert his massive cock. My mom scolds my sister to stop family reunion sex game. But mom was holding her tightly so that she cannot move her body and telling grandpa to insert a little further till to the half of the cock. He again slowly pushed and enjoying the firm pussy, my sister left hope and crying with all her energy and pain.

My mom leave her and tells grandpa to hold there his massive cock for 15 minutes and not to take out or to do anything because this helps loosens her vagina a little bit. She withheld the pain for up to 10 minutes after that she struggled and stood up and begged grandpa to not family reunion sex game hurt her vagina.

They two jumped into the bed. By simply saying they are going to enjoy switching their own birth daughter. The daughter were holding each other hands and they were ready to take cocks inside without any protection. After a while all female members got cock stuffed by their chosen partners except me and my crush.

I walked to her and saw that she was afraid of getting pregnant, I convinced her by standing aside her and holding her hip. She got frightened of getting my sperms released inside her and she walked to her dad. I lied down in the floor and told my crush to get into Asian cowgirl position women on top position.

She takes all my cock inside her tight pussy and she sits on my hip with all my cock inside her for about 10 minutes without even moving a single bit. Grandma came near me and hold my crush hips from behind and she began lifting her slowly up, her pussy pulls my cock up, my cock head tip is still inside her then suddenly she taken out her hands make my crush to fall and land on my stomach where my cock quickly ran inside her and she screams in pain and fear.

Then she automatically started doing strokes very slowly and I was controlling my urge to release sperms out of my cock inside her. I know it will be a massive load of sperms will get inside her soon. After 25th strokes i hold down her hip tightly so that she will not get away and I splashed my massive liters of sperm inside her vagina, she started crying loudly and everyone looked at her. My grandma told me and my crush to stoop aside near my sister. And we watched all the remaining playing the game. This make me harder again. After all are finished my grandma and my grandfather stood in front of us and called my sister to the front.

He and She explained that she must accept the penalty for discontinuing the game and my grandpa explains the penalty statement procedure. The states that: You must be available inside your home for up to one month of time. The message also clearly stated that the male partner can do anything to you of his choice. At the end on the 30th day all feedback reviews are count down according to 10 stars. To win and escape the penalty you must get atleast 7 stars out of 10 stars. If you fail to get enough stars to win the penalty then you must be eliminated out of this family heritage game and you will said that you are not worth fucking.

My sister ed the agreement. And, what I feared the most has now arrived. Grandpa now told all the 8 male members to get ready for the penalty round. He told me that I should suck each cocks for about 5 minutes. My crush slowly moved crying to the bed and lied down and spread her legs apart showing her vagina for fuck session. I started with hesitation and slowly started sucking the head only now grandpa holds my head and pushed his cock deep inside me.

Now he quickly moved his cock and placed on my crush vagina and pushed deeply she screamed my mom controlled her scream and grandpa pushed again, it slides into her because of my sperms acts as a lubricant inside her pussy. He told to me that he not wasting his large amount of sperms in me rather he tells me that he is going to release all the full load of sperms inside my crush vagina. He then moved away from me and to my crush, I saw my dad finished with my crush and moved aside. This position is used to keep all the sperms inside vagina prevents leaking.

He then slowly inserted her cock inside watching her game partner getting her pussy licked hardly. After some minutes of fucking he releases his large load of cum inside my crush but now the sperms stays inside because of her positon. My crush face was painted with pussy juice and her pussy filled with male sperms and I sucking cocks which are going to fill my crush pussy. Meantime i finished sucking all the cocks and stood up near my crush convincing her and saying sorry.

She was at same position with pillows below her hips lifted her pussy up. My dad came near me and pushed be in the bed and I was family reunion sex game side of my crush in doggy style position. Her dad quickly pushes his cock inside my crush and started fucking her like animal.

My dad looked down on the floor and takes some sperms dripped out of my crush pussy to lubricate my anus. He applies the sperms as lubricant on my anal opening and he pushed his cock inside me, this was the first time I got fucked by another male partner and really it fucking hurts a lot and I felt some different sensation it bring me pain and pleasure. My felt tired and put my head down while my dad keeping his cock inside and squeezing all his sperms inside me. My crush keeps her head on my head and I pulled my head up to see her face she was worried and told that she loves me very much and she convinces me to withhold the pain.

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