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Each one gives you something to pick, and the result will vary each time you visit, refresh, or go to a new as the items randomize. Ever visit the site and want to tribute, but not sure how much? Now you can just click the tribute generator and pay the amount requested.

Want to pay a bill but unsure which one?

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Click on the sidebar item and pay away, payslave. So what are you waiting for? Click, pay, buy, and worship your CashMaster now!

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Will you be sending Me cards for movies, restaurants, clothing, department stores, travel or other? My newest game helps to narrow it down. What are you waiting for?

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If you prefer not to but still wish to tribute, you can visit My wishlist here. What will surprise me in the mail next? That might be up to you as you go click on a shopping cart icon — or two, or three — when you go play right now.

I added a few more spin wheels today. How much will you end up paying? You can find out by visiting the spin wheel games .

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The poppers wheels were also updated to have more variety and more chance. Obviously with the Pay-to-View games, you have to pay for them… but some of the games could theoretically be played without you guys paying. But are you really going to sit there and eat up my fucking bandwidth, and then not follow the rules? Then fuck you.

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I know at least some have done this because I had a quiz up with rules for paying for how many a loser got wrong. I received e-mail notifications when the quiz was completed — but no follow-up tributes. I was honestly a bit unsure of that quiz anyway, findom games I just decided to delete it. Here I am trying to provide entertainment for you, when you should be providing for ME — your Superior.

I just had somebody message elsewhere relating to my muscle mesmerizer files about when I might add more free files. Makes me grateful to those of you that I know understand the value of creative effort and have supported me. But I needed to vent today about the others. And you cheap-ass cunts can shove a dildo up your ass and fuck off to this post for all I care.

But you want some time put into new games, new files, new ways to get your tiny fagdick off? Hypnotically dominating minds for MY financial gain.

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Findom Games