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This is version 0. Version 0. Web Hosted Version to play in your browser! A Twine created game that features an open world in which you can develop relationships with several different characters and play through many different stories. It features many different kinds of relationships and interactions including straight, gay, feminization, and even a little bit of shemale content.

This will be a project that I hope to continually expand on for quite some time! If you are interested in this game's progress, or perhaps the progress of our future games, please feel free to check out our Patreon. For a decent fee, you can snag a place to rest up in the city instead of having to run home to Onegaron!

Morin if you are friends of mine game the masculine path with her and own the dildo. View all posts. Log in with itch. Is there a way to do things even if your femininity is too low like can I somehow edit the HTML file or releasing a cheat or debug option in the future. There is an achievement for having sex times which unlocks an accessory that allows you to take actions regardless of femininity or arousal. Obviously, that wouldn't be helpful on a first playthrough, however, achievements are saved in cookies, meaning that once it's unlocked, all your save files will have access to it.

Unless you clear your cookies. There are lots of different ways, but to put it simply, working a feminine job will do it, as well as taking actions that have the feminine symbol by them. I downloaded version 9. Please and thank you. You want to make a new folder, then put the images folder and the HTML into the master folder together.

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The HTML file is an attachment in the patreon post. I got my degree from the university and I can't get out of my job at the pawnshop anymore, I need help. The option to quit my job no longer appears, this happened after I got the last promotion, I'm using the Google translator. Hi, I'm stock at the level with the mother, do I have to do something else besides masculine interactions for the new limit to be ? Because when I hitjust nothing happens and no new options open up.

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You start this when you first meet her in the park. When you find the trinket, you want to keep it for yourself and take it to Gabby, then go back to Alicia and apologize. This will lead you to turn her into Alex. Before the story progression these 2 outfits were available for purchase, and as I progressed through the story they no longer had the option to buy. I really enjoyed the game so far. How do we unlock sex scenes with Felix's father?

Will there be masculine options when flirting with MC's dad? I've also noticed that there would be a guy approaching the MC at the gas station men's bathroom, but we don't have the option to approach him. Masculine stuff will get you in a relationship with her, feminine options will get her to set you up with Felix's father. For the guy in the restroom, I'm not quite sure I remember, I'll have to take a look, it may be something that I just forgot about, or it could be that your femininity is too low.

Love the game and been replaying it for some time. I have a question though, can Felix be dateable without sissyfying him? Not really into sissyfication tbh. I'm glad you like the game! At the moment, no, Felix's main point is feminization, but more options could be added in the future. I wish there was a second option to make money, it takes too long for me to save up money for things like the club, maybe at some point in time there can be an update where we can do cam shows for money.

You can do just this with the "Look for Job" option at the computer in your bedroom, though you can't have another job at the same time. I can look at increasing pay out for work as well though, just friends of mine game sure you are paying attention to your attractiveness as it increases how much you get paid. There are some options for masculine characters, but the default for masculine is sex with women.

I am working on adding an option for this though to make scenes allow for masculine gay sex as well where applicable. Use this link for the web hosted version. I suppose I should start posting the link in on the game. I was wondering if it's possible to get "Mom's" affection pastor if it caps there for now.

And will the church job will get a new promotion? That is the end for both of those things, I am working on a final, large promotion for the jobs now and the PC's mom with get more content in the future. Hey, I really am enjoying this game, but I have friends of mine game question: How can I increase my attractiveness?

I am stuck on Well its currently not possible to hitbut being well rested, fed, getting a new haircut, taking a shower in the morning, getting waxed, and certain accessories will all increase attractiveness. When you leave, you should run into the Pawn Shop owner who gives you a hint about it, but for the sake of clarity it is:. Is that not added yet? Is there an easy way to decrease your femininity? I want to do all the gay stuff but I don't want to turn into a girl. Also how do we sleep with felix's dad? Also when do we get to finally have sex with Jason's dad?

Sleeping with Felix's dad depends on the choices you make when doing stuff with Felix's Mom. Full sex scenes with the PC's father hasn't been added just yet. Yes, when you meet Alicia in the park for the first time, you want to keep the trinket for yourself instead of giving it to her. Then once you take it to Gabby, come back and apologize to Alicia, this will lead you toward getting Alex instead. I've been playing this game for about a month now Although every day we do different things, there is always something new!

There is always an unfolding whether major or not. Each time I am surprised by the progress. It is absolutely exceptional and quite unique real work. Take good care of yourself. And I wish you a very happy new year. Well thank you very much, I am glad that you are enjoying it and hopefully enjoy the new stuff that is to come! Can this work with the itch. It is easier for me to keep up with updates for all the games I follow then. Hello, Im a new player and i need some help with the trinket storyline i like to see every aspect of game.

If you are referring to performing the ritual on yourself, it is not possible at the moment. It will be a future method for quickly becoming female. I see it says on pornhub but finding that exact video is like finding a specific fish in the ocean. Sorry I don't really have sources on any of the videos, I dig through so many videos at a time I can't keep track of them all. It is asking me to provide a name to be able to get into apartment 13, i type in Matty King, King Matty, Ming Katty, Katty Ming, none of it works, what is the name to get into that floor, help please really love this game!

It is Mathew King. The idea is that when you leave, the pawn shop guy adds a y to the end of your name like he's abbreviating it. You should be able to, I haven't changed anything in that regard, but I'll check to make sure there's no issue. Sex with the PC's father is coming pretty soon in an update. Hey you have the source for MC helping Felix's Sister to transform him? Sorry for the late reply, if you're trying to find Felix at Trevor's house, his house is in the Outskirts.

Sorry about missing the comments everyone, didn't see the notifications friends of mine game them. Anyone, 0. I find the caring styled story line with Felix as the most refreshing I understand the game is NSFW and has a bunch of Kink's but I really preferred the romantic styled writing around Felix's story and hope for a good ending based around that.

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Are you 18 years of age or older? Remember my setting for this browser. Yes, I am 18 or older or Return to itch. Friends of Mine. A downloadable game. Patch notes for 0. More information. Updated 6 days ago Status In development Rating. Install instructions Simply download the.

Download Download Friends of Mine 0. Feb 14, Jan 19, Dec 31, Nov 19, Comments Log in with itch. Unless you clear your cookies Debug features are something that I have considered but are not currently available.

Speedysupermessi 20 days friends of mine game. How do you raise femininity on friends of mine. JollyRanncher 23 days ago. Tayneedshelp 31 days ago. There is nothing in the Electronics Store, it is just part of one of the stories at the moment. Dovahsoul 37 days ago. What do you mean you can't get out of the job? Are you stuck in a scene or that you can't quit? Dovahsoul 36 days ago. I see, sorry about that, I will have to fix that.

Jonas14 48 days ago. That is the cap for 0. How do you turn alicia into alex. Where can I find the video that is used to show how alice rides the dildo? Sorry, I don't have sources on all of the clips. The option to buy Young Punk and Rough Flashy clothes does not appear. Thank you for letting me know, I'll take a look at it. Dovahsoul 51 days ago.

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