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A few people said it was cursed. Others simply had no idea what they were supposed to be making. The game made a big splash with an on-stage reveal and hands-on demo at E3and returned a year later with a second polished demobut has since disappeared. Sources are split over what happened. Others argue fuck me games a version of what was playable at industry events could have launched roughly on time in Early Access and matured in the wild as other games-as-a-service have.

Years later the game is still struggling to take shape and people are running on empty. Then sometime in Then sometime after March Then sometime before March But up to this point, its development has been marred by just about everything that can go wrong in blockbuster video game production. That earnings call found Ubisoft execs scrambling to explain yet another setback. But interviews with more than 20 current and former Ubisoft developers, as well as those with knowledge of the game, its troubled development, and the studio leading production on it, tell a different story.

All of these people were granted anonymity because they were either not authorized to speak to the press about the project or feared that speaking out about a past employer might hurt their careers in the video game industry.

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Ubisoft developers receive project-based bonuses based on how well their games do. Eitherway, Ubisoft has bet big on the multiplayer pirate adventure and is determined to ship it one way or another.

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But three sources also told Kotaku that a deal with the Singapore government requires it. In addition to hiring a certain of people at its Singapore studio in exchange for generous subsidies, they said, Ubisoft Singapore must also launch original brand new IPs in the next few years.

Production has dragged on for years, but many current and former developers say they still have little to show for it. That being said, any unfounded speculation about the game or decisions being made only works to demoralize the team who are working very hard to develop an ambitious new franchise that lives up to the expectations of our players.

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The idea was simple. Ubisoft Singapore was responsible for developing the sailing tech that helped define some of the best parts of Black Flag and had recently-gained experience in online multiplayer games with its ongoing work on a free-to-play Tom Clancy game called Ghost Recon Phantoms. Black Flag Infinite would pool that expertise to make a quick turnaround live service game that would reuse and reskin as much of Black Flag as possible.

But conditions on the ground were already beginning to outstrip these modest ambitions. And when a project drags for more than a couple years, your initial assumptions are no longer valid. Ubisoft eventually decided to leave Black Flag behind and create a new AAA IP that would still revolve around ship combat but with its own narrative and visual identity. But the real trouble was just getting started. At one point, it was set in the Caribbean. Later, it moved to the Indian Ocean. It would still need a world and quests beyond a monetizable PVP grind.

In addition to the sailing, fighting, and looting, there would be resource management elements like crafting and trading. There would also be harsher stakes for fuck me games, adding a roguelike-lite edge to the pirate fantasy.

It was a particularly messy change in direction, according to five current and former developers. Bydirection had shifted yet again, four current and former developers told Kotaku. Some blame the lack of clear direction from above, with decisions filtering through too many senior le and few willing to take responsibility for making difficult calls. Others feel the project was rushed from the beginning, always settling on the quickest short term solution to a problem that would fuck me games become a major headache later on.

From the beginning, there were culture clashes on the team, several current and former developers said. Coming off of managing a free-to-play multiplayer game, however, the Ghost Recon Phantoms team was used to constantly iterating and working horizontally.

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But in practice, some former developers said it simply added to the chaos. Each new creative director would be accompanied by a big leadership shakeup, five current and former developers said. Producers, game directors, and creative le would all jump ship or be pushed overboard during these periods, a fuck me games of upheaval that has taken a massive toll over the life of the project. Each new regime would try to put its own mark on the project beyond staffing but would eventually relearn the same hard lessons as earlier groups.

At E3 andit was the latter, but after Pellen took over, the team was tasked with letting players go ashore to explore islands on foot. The existing tools and asset pipelines were for ships on water. Land locomotion would require new ones. Other questions around quest structure, character progression, and having a seamless openworld versus smaller instanced spaces would get debated, seemingly fuck me games, and then later relitigated. One team would choose one set of trade-offs. A new team would come in and pitch a different set. Meanwhile, despite each new reboot, teams were tasked with building something based on blueprints that kept dramatically changing.

Maybe when you become a survival game, you need to care about things like how big is my hold? How many bananas can I carry? How do I maximize my profits by selling this stuff? Throughout these debates, teams were given work to do to keep them busy. Others took their foot off the gas, tired of beating themselves up while the project spun its wheels. Instead, they said the exhaustion and burnout came from working on the same project for months and years without ever seeing it meaningfully progress.

It was constant. While some people bailed because the project kept stalling, others were poached by Riot, Tencent, and global tech giants like Facebook with lots of open roles in growing offices around the region. Not only did these places pay much better, several former developers told Kotakuthey were also less dysfunctional. The Glassdoor review for Ubisoft Singapore is full of complaints about uncompetetive salaries, wage discrimination, office politics, and toxic managers that made it hard to succeed and ultimately drove people away.

These big reveals came at a time when French media conglomerate Vivendi was mounting a hostile takeover attempt that threatened to destroy the decades old family-run gaming giant.

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Two former developers told Kotaku they blame this atmosphere in part for Ubisoft showing games so early in development. Avatar finally resurfaced as Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. It has a tentative release window of Ubisoft appears to recognize that its old model of blockbuster game production is in trouble. Many of its developers are desperate for the game to finally ship just so that, good or bad, they can finally be free of it.

Free to express themselves. Free to take risks and have fun. Glad to see this article type again. Great job! The A. Image: Ubisoft. By Ethan Gach. Culture Feature.

Fuck me games

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