Heroes united games

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Ben Tennyson from Ben 10 and Ricardo Salazar from Generator Rex are two of the biggest superheroes on Cartoon Network, so the fact that there is now a mash-up game called Heroes United, where the two of them forces in saving the day make us very happy, and it should make you too, because you get to be these two heroes and help them out, in this awesome new game about which we tell you everything right now!

You can take part in the adventure by yourself and go against the computer, or you can choose the 2 Player mode, where you and a friend both control one of the two characters and work together in achieving your goal.

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For that one, choose which characters you each want to be, and then you will learn how to control your characters. Player 2 uses the arrows for moving, J and K for attacking, you combine the two for a special attack, L for jumping. Each of the two players needs to defeat the other one in the first level, as the two heroes start out as rivals.

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After your first battle, the two Cartoon Network protagonists need to work together to defeat evil Evos and aliens they encounter, finding out the mastermind between the combination of the two universes, and save the day from the evil threat. Start your adventure right now, and be a hero once more! Heroes United Play the Game. Favorite Refresh.

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What is Heroes United?

Heroes united games

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Ben10 And Generator Rex: Heroes United Game