Life the game walkthrough

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Welcome to the Game of Life WP walkthrough. You can play while offline and earn achievements, but you will not see them unlocking.

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The next time you start up your game while connected, they unlock immediately. This game is all about finishing with the most money.

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There are some mandatory moments: you will always stop at these spaces. Tap on your profile your player iconchoose your player and swipe upwards to the Profession details. If you need to draw a tile from the draw pile and there are none left, you may take one from another player. Be aware of this when playing with more than two players.

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If you only play with two players you will not run out of LIFE tiles. Each LIFE tile is worth a secret amount of money. Those values are only calculated at the end of the game when every player has retired.

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Enjoy the game about taking any life path! Find anything you think is wrong with this walkthrough?

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Life the game walkthrough

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Life: The Game Walkthrough