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After all, the franchise includes dozens of games, a card game, many TV series, manga, and more. Plenty of modern gamers know all about games like Monster Hunter: World. But people who have played video games for two or three decades will remember classic titles that originally launched on platforms as old as the SNES. What makes a monster-taming game memorable?

Is it the character de, the combat, an active or passive playstyle, or simply nostalgia over time?

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Luckily for fans, Metacritic took out the guesswork when it comes to rating the games. Curiously, this title for iOS has the highest overall Metacritic score of 90 and a user score of 8. The same title on the Nintendo DS has a lower Metascore of 84 and a user score of 8. Though it features a basic JRPG setup, gameplay includes decking out a wagon full of unique monsters.

With a movie on the way and a leaked release window for a new gamethe Monster Hunter series has returned to the forefront of gaming. Despite the incredible Metacritic score of 90 for Monster Hunter Worldbut another game in the series better fits the monster-taming criterion vs. Monster Hunter Storieswith a 79 Metascore and an 8. From there, they can create teams, chain combo attacks, and even ride their pets around.

The game also features a monster breeding games "rock, paper, scissors" combat system. Fans of new and classic monster-taming games should definitely check this one out. Monster breeding games the series continues to post amazing Metacritic and user scores because Nintendo has the formula down to a science. Monster Rancher embraced technology in a unique way in that the lore said that every CD has a monster inside it.

But the original game released for the PS1 in It bridged the digital and the real worlds in a unique, visceral way. Monster des were original and compelling and players could breed them, too. Players could raise monsters for tournament fighting but needed support to perform at their best. The first game in the series maintains a Metascore of 86, while others range from the low 80s to the high 70s.

Level-5 developed this game for the PS3 to be released in in Japan and in Western regions. Many fans have called it the best way to experience the game. The game owes its fantastic Metacritic and user score 8.

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It contrasts many AAA games out today that focus on combat, action, and darker storylines. The Ni No Kuni series delivers a relaxing, traditional RPG experience sure to bring a smile to the face of new players and veterans alike.

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Though it released in for the Xboxit maintains a Metascore of 84 and a user score of 8. The game was a bit ahead of its time with customizable elements in the hundreds. However, it is more of a puzzle game in the vein of Candy Crush than it is a true Yo-Kai game. Fans looking for a more traditional monster-taming game should pick up Yo-Kai Watch 3. The original game series focuses on battling, befriending, and helping the Yo-Kai. The game features floating islands that are settings from past Final Fantasy games.

It is a wonderful experience for new players and a trip down memory lane for long-time fans of the franchise.

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She wants to wrangle some slimes and make some money in the region a thousand lightyears from Earth. Developer Monomi Park has supported the indie title with dozens of free updates. Players can discover new slimes, create new gadgets with Slime Science, and explore all the regions of the Far, Far Range. Nexomon are the monsters in Nexomon: Extinction and there are more than of them to encounter.

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The tyrant Nexomon seeks dominion over monsters and people. So a guild of tamers must journey to restore balance to the world. This, of course, includes capturing, taming, and training a team of Nexomon. This game, released in late for all major platforms, ticks every box for a great monster-taming game. It has unique monster des, colorful graphics, cute monsters, and addictive gameplay.

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