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Latest Updates. Live Sex Cams. Live Cam Girls. Log in. New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Discussion Reviews Good story, good characters for the most part, awesome scenes, specially after chapter 2 where I got really invested with the story. I didn't really like the game at first, didn't like the daughter and a few characters would really piss me off sometimes, the super slow start of the chapter 1 also didn't help, but it grew on me quite a lot.

There's a lot of character development throughout the chapters and through each chapter there's noticeable improvements and now I think this is the best I've played so far, it became my favorite and I'm patiently waiting for chapter 4. The game is really well written and it take its time to progress with the scenes which I like unlike other games where they jump directly into sex mr dot games day 1.

In my opinionI didn't like the daughter but other characters like elaine and Jennifer made it more fun for me to play till the end. Review for 0.

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It's really not a bad game, but rather suffer from a few, but major underlying issues that can't really be solved simply due to it's rigid de. But i won't deprecate the game for a personal taste. First, the good. It has a good graphical presentation. The quality of the pictures, sets and characters are all pretty good, but the position of the shots and the use of POV can limit the kind of shot position you can use.

So on the long run the graphical presentation kind of feel repetitive and bland. Great characters and writing, dialogue is nice and you get a long, but good build-up and pacing that ultimately le to the sexy scenes with Dee, with a mr dot games side characters as well that you can choose. However, the quality of the dialogue and story kind of goes down by chapter 3. Excellent overall presentation for the UI and menus, looks cool, is functional and simple to read. There is quite a few lewd scenes, even tho there is sometimes quite a bit of space between them, but i think it's more due to the long pacing more than anything else.

Now, the bad. It uses what i call the "Typical Lewd VN choice mechanic system". It goes something like this: You are presented with many choices throughout the game, but you really kind of have to pick the right one to progress the story or access the lewd scenes, mr dot games, you get a game over or you get into a point of no-return where you can keep progressing the story, but won't be able to engage in some activities due to you lacking the proper of points. This kind of system is a pet peeve of mine because it falsely presents a choice system that cannot effectively control the kind of scenes or approach to the characters AND it removes any incentive to make the choices yourself, since you have to pick the right choices anyway.

The third major problem is the way the content is delivered. The game uses what i would call "Direct Rendering Composition" type of render.

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Simply put, all of the renders are made directly by hand, one by one and then rendered. So you have to compose the scene Props, lights, background, etc Then make the changes and correction The first render very rarely give the mr dot games you want, especially when you use Daz since it's not realtime. All of this involves many repetitive steps to be made and is a "high-quality", but inefficient method of delivering your graphical content. It can take a few hours just to make a single render.

Not a big deal when you have a few to do, but when you have thousands to make like in this game, this result in elongated time between updates and less content per update. The end result: This game is almost 5 years old at the time of this review, but only managed to produce about hours of content depend a mr dot games on reading speed, since the main filler is dialogue But all of those major flaws cannot be changed without remaking pretty much the entire game.

In fact, i'm quite certain MrDots Games already know about this, but he is stuck with these methods because otherwise it would mean to start back from scratch. So in short: It's a would-be great game that is permanently crippled by the game mechanics and de choices made very early in it's development.

Hence, the average review. The daughter is just so utterly vapid, passive and prudish that she's right at the bottom of my "porn game LIs ranked list". Sure, she looks hot, but character matters. The massive hypocrasy of the dad fondling his daughters tits, french kissing her and shortly after preaching about how the other guys are just sleazy folks just wanting sex isn't particularly endearing to me, either. At times, it seems to be a corruption story, and then a pure romance story.

Dad and daughter both having a complete meltdown over the idea to go nude on a nude beach in order to meet daughter's favourite star ever seems prudish to me according to RL criteria. In a porn game after they've french kissed and he's been all over her tits, it just don't make any sense to me at all. Spoilers below. Chapters The first two chapters are slow burn corruption between the father and daughter, with a couple side interests the dad can pursue. Game de wise it is below average, you either pick the right choice and build up love points or pick the wrong choice and get a game over.

For the side characters it is either pursue the relationship and see the content, or don't and forgo. In Chapter 2 you start building up certain sex stats in the daughter that could have lead somewhere interesting, but they are abandoned in Chapter 3. Overall there is a lack of meaningful choice throughout this game, but especially early on. All that being said, the story is so god damn good. The slow burn corruption from reserved virgin to daddy's sex toy is crazy hot, but I also cared about the build up of their romantic relationship.

The renders are plentiful, detailed, and gorgeous.

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If father daughter is your thing, there are few better games then the first two chapters. Chapters This is where the sharing begins and people start to get upset, however all sharing content is optional, and the majority of it is MFF threesomes with the dad, the daughter, and a female love interest.

Again choosing not to do the MFF paths is basically just forgoing content, which is an unfortunate game mr dot games, especially for those that want an exclusive father daughter romance. However if you are into the MFF routes there is mr dot games of super sexy and well made content, especially with Georgina. The MMF options are where people really get pissed, but I don't think it is totally justified. First this type of sharing felt like a natural outgrowth of the story, and has been teased since the first chapter.

The daughter doesn't have to fuck other dudes if you don't want to, while it may be too early to tell, forgoing the MMF routes doesn't seem like you will be missing out on a big chunk of content like forging the MFF routes. Nonetheless, the MMF routes are poorly done. As someone that was excited for the sharing options and specifically Victor, I was incredibly let down by the stupid "I love both equally dynamic" they went with.

Having built up a deep and powerful connection through hours of gameplay between the father and the daughter, having her form an equal connection with another guy in a fraction of that time was just stupid. The Ryan route is a little more tolerable, but overall the MMF sharing could have been done much better as a natural outgrowth of her corruption rather than the out of the blue secondary romance that it currently is. Hopefully chapter 4 can make up for the missed opportunities in this department.

Overall Despite all the negative this is still a great game and is one of the most popular games on the site for good reason. There are tons and tons of high quality renders and hot scenes. While inconsistent at times, the story is still very solid overall, and the mistakes of chapter 3 can still be corrected.

Ok, so I've been meaning to review this game for a while, and am just now getting around to it. As many other reviewers have said, this was the first VN I had played and loved it from the start. Yeah, a little slow burn, but it was also the VN where I discovered interest in the incest genre.

But thats pretty much the only positives I can say about it. Like I said, the first chapter hooked me, and the second was pretty good as well. Mr dot games enjoyed the slow burn, to a point, and it at least had more of a story than some other VNs on the site. The slow corruption was also interesting, but it did seem that it took way too long to get to a simple BJ, but I kept playing. The story was going great until the ex got involved again, and at that point it took a screaming nose dive. Not only was D up for grabs to any guy who showed even minor interest, but all of the side characters just up and disappeared.

It was at this point that I had lost almost all interest, being stuck with the main LI and nothing else. I continued playing for a little while longer, but quit before the end of ch. The cringe factor of the story had reached higher than I was willing to admit at the time, and choices were becoming limited to say the least.

It's really sad because DMD had such promise up till the third chapter, and whatever happened possibly Mr. Dots' latest title got in the way doomed DMD to an early grave. I was really looking forward to the conclusion, but imho, I don't see a reason to waste time finishing ch.

I'm sorry to only give it one star, since the first and second chapters were at minimum 4. While a good introduction to the world of incest VN's it is of its time back in the dark ages of and it shows.

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The models aren't that attractive now, the genitalia is of poor quality compared to more moden vn's and the the environments are tired. The plot has gone stale since the corruption of chapter 1 of the daughter and the sexual conquest of her friends. Chapter 4 has the pregnancy retconed in favour of always pulling out and mr dot games actual sex is not very exciting especially given that there's no bringing the ex back into the corruption.

She shows up and does not much before vanishing again. Meanwhile we also get this multiple sharing options with different other men which deprive from continuing the main story in favour of adding more renders. After all the MC and D have done together why they have him gift her to other men is strange.

In short, the graphics are the game are tired and re-used and the whole game isn't as interesting as it once was. This game is one of those that is highly rated but in all honesty fails to deliver, much like Man of the House.

The story at its core is the one thing that sort of sets itself apart from the other incest themed games on the site. However, as the story progress and the game updates, you start to see that beyond that, there is nothing really special here at all. It's a very predictable story that has parts that you might think will be important, only mr dot games be retconned entirely.

This alone is what really kills the game. The renders and models are just fine. Nothing too special. Your daughter is easily one of the most iconic ones in the entire game, as she's everyone's sister in other games at one point or another. Gameplay, its a straight up visual novel. No grinding or anything. But like I said earlier, not all the choices you make will be relevant as it progresses. Honestly, just pass on it unless you want the renders.

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And in that case, use UnRen to extract them. What used to be a fantastic game with plenty of choices that mattered my favourite on f95 for a timeturned out into a boring, repeatable adventure with amount of choices the ones that actually matter that you can count on your fingers. I guess the devs are trying to rush to the end ASAP so they can start a new project or something, making tons of unpopular decisions on the way. Such a pitty. This was one of the first games i found here and due to the nostalgia factor I played it way longer than I should have.

I'll try to highlight some of the flaws in the game. Then a new "Writer" ed the team and started to implement his ideas of "equality" or how I call it "beta stuff". The focus mr dot games from Dee and the other possible Love interests to sharing Dee with whoever was ready and willing.

The facial expressions also seem to be recycled and reused frequently. It seems as if the developer is recycling between the same few expressions for all his characters. Another weakpoint is the very mediocre writing. It often feels as if you reading from an encyclopedia or a university textbook. The writer has failed to properly 'excite' and engage the player into the game as he relies too heavily on a formal manner of speech.

So yeah it went downhill hard in chapter 3 to a 3 goggles still on since most of the sharing stuff was avoidable when there wasn't a "Bug". When they retconned the pregnancy in chapter4 and made mc pull out every time he and Dee had sex that was the last straw for me.

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And here we are now, nostalgia goggles off and a one star rating. If you never played it then play chapters one and two, skip the rest and pretend they married and lived happy ever after or just skip it. I thought the game was going pretty well until the moron daughter blurted out about their relationship to her mother and goes downhill from there. I'm having extreme doubts of finishing this game from that point.

The many mock one button choice pressings is absolutely annoying, please for the love of GOD stop the single choice box in if you don't have another choice to take.

Mr dot games

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