Run or rape games

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With over 26, overwhelmingly positive reviews on the site, Mirror is undoubtedly one of the more popular games in this category available. What exactly are these 26, and counting people doing when they play Mirror exactly? Some of the reviews say:. This is not uncommon for Steam, where similar games abound.

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By allowing these types of games to exist on their platform, Steam is normalizing and profiting from depictions of the most cruel forms of sexual violence. Why is Steam allowing this game and others just like it to continue to be advertised and sold on their platform?

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Unless you have parental controls on, which you can read about herethis game and countless others with similar content are readily available with only a few clicks away from the home. Steam must be held able for not only allowing this game to be on their platform, but for not providing proficient parental controls and safety features to make sure games of this nature are found by especially vulnerable children.

For more action items and proof on the Steam problem, visit our project here. Each victory promotes human dignity above exploitation. Stories 13yo girl was abused and exploited on Instagram in her own home. It could have been prevented. Donate Action Center Work Here.

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Share on. Screenshots of Reviews:. Further Reading. Browse All Articles. The s. The National Center on Sexual Exploitation has had over policy victories since Read This Story. Young boy was groomed for sex trafficking via an online video game.

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Support Dignity. There are more ways that you can support dignity today, through an online gift, taking action, or ing our team. Action Center. Work Here. Don't miss out on this Incredible Event! Register Now. Already Registered?

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Run or rape games

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Rape Day game pulled by Steam platform after outcry