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Just this week, Super Smash Bros. To be clear: there's nothing inherently wrong with the Zero Suit.

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Samus has to wear something under her heavy armour, and showing her out of the power suit can humanise her Most already know the story of the original Metroid : Samus was initially presented as a man, the instruction booklet even referring to her as a "he" to maintain the illusion; when players reached the end of the game, however, she removed her armour to reveal her true identity.

If you finish in under an hour, Samus undresses all the way down to a bikini. When Metroid was first released inthe standard for female video game characters was mostly restricted to damsels in distress. Metroid provided hardly any exposition or storytelling, but Samus was a breath of fresh air — a strong, solitary female hero who single-handedly defeats an entire army of space pirates.

Not only did Metroid have a female lead, but it had a female villain as well: Mother Brain. Is it a feminist statement, or is it clear objectification of women pandering to the hetero male-dominated gaming culture? Samus is tasked with slaughtering all the Metroids on their home planet SR; after Samus kills what she thinks is the last one, she finds a Metroid egg that hatches in front of her. The newborn Metroid imprints onto her and believes Samus is its mother — she spares the infant and takes it with her at the end of the game.

The series would go on an eight-year hiatus, but in we finally got two new Metroid games. Doctors create a partially-armoured version of the suit called the Fusion Suit — it's form-fitting without sexualising Samus strip game.

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It was the first 3D Metroid title, and a high-profile moment of Nintendo outsourcing one of its major franchises to a Western studio. Two years later, would also get two Metroid releases. First was the internally-developed Metroid: Zero Mission, a remake of the original Metroid in an artistic style closer to Fusion — this is the first time we would see the divisive Zero Suit Samus.

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We get an entire final segment of the game where we play as Samus in her Zero Suit. Retro Studios released Metroid Prime 2: Samus strip game later in The majority of the game uses the same approach to Samus as in the first Metroid Prime, but at the end we see Zero Suit Samus. This iteration of her was the first hint that Nintendo wanted to create a cohesive new image of what Samus should look like.

Alas, we come to the infamous Metroid: Other M fromwhich is widely accepted as another major turning point in the sexualisation of Samus. Other M attempts to humanise Samus with internal struggle, and creates a father figure through Commander Adam Malkovich who was introduced in Fusion but fleshed out as a character for the first time here ; he would be the first prominent human male character in the Metroid series. Super Smash Bros. Brawlreleased inis the most interesting to look at when it comes to Metroid; the highly-acclaimed Prime trilogy had all been released by the time of its completion, including Prime 3: Corruption the year.

Yet Brawl still used a decidedly stylised pre-Prime de for Samus strip game, as if they were acknowledging only the Japanese-developed entries in the series. This was perhaps foreshadowing for Other M, which would arrive two years later. To add to this, now we have two different bikini-style alternate costumes to choose from as well. Many of Nintendo's questionable de choices for Samus perhaps reflect strong cultural differences between Japan and the West. Highly unrealistic, sexualised depictions of women are much more commonplace in Japanese game de — the debate surrounding Vanillaware's Dragon's Crown last year springs to mind.

As a family-friendly company, Nintendo has avoided dealing with this issue for the most part, but as Samus outside her suit has become a more prominent part of the character's image, Nintendo is for the first time dealing with a major first-party character with sex appeal. The company recently showed a misunderstanding of Western views on sexuality when it struggled with the issue of same-sex marriage in Tomodachi Life this past May, and this Zero Suit Samus issue shows there's still a substantial disconnect.

Nintendo is taking for granted the fact that it's got one of the oldest, strongest female protagonists in videogame history on its hands, but the company doesn't seem to be interested in Metroid without the sexualised Zero Suit Samus. She still represents female empowerment in the male-dominated gaming landscape, but this often goes hand-in-hand with sexualised des that still pander predominantly to the male gaze. Zero Suit Samus has the potential to be a compelling character, a humanised counterpart juxtaposing her nearly robotic persona in the Varia Suit; it's a shame she's depicted with a Barbie-like figure in eye shadow and bikinis instead.

There is some hope, though — Retro Studios looks to be preparing for a big new project. The team that made its name by reinventing Samus may have to do it once again, and Retro certainly seems to have a better handle on the character than its parent company does.

Let us know what you think of the sexualisation of Samus throughout the character's history in the poll and comments below. Ohmygawd, she looks fine!!! Is anyone seriously offended by this?! There's games that over-sexualize women wayyy worse than this!!! The female form is "ridiculous" to politically correct and feminized men.

Good to know. Oh my God, I seriously can't believe people are actually offended by that. People really need to get out of their computers and have a breath of fresh air in their faces in order to see that there's nothing wrong with a different clothing for her. It's not like people will lose the respect for the image of Samus and the Metroid saga just because she is wearing shorts and a tank top. Stop overreacting, for love's sake! Meh i don't even care and i don't even use samus samus strip game zero suit in smash. But is she sexualised? Hmm maybe but she was especially in brawl,but who cares?

Almost every women in games get sexualised somehow. This isn't news, this isn't even an article worth reading. I feel disgusting for even commenting on it. If a character exists, its sexualized by someone, this is such an asinine concept it makes my head hurt.

Online discussions on sexuality, feminism and the depiction of women in video games are like discussions on politics or religion: it will inevitably end badly. Skimpy outfits like this are totally unnecessary and I'm disappointed about this. Then again, I'm not getting Smash bros. U anyways. I don't have a problem with it! Why is this a "Talking Point" for? I don't see anything wrong with it. All it shows is her in shorts at least she not showing any breast. It looks fine too me. I think Nintendo did good on samus strip game one I'm sorry, but, firstly she's supposed to be well toned and athletic in build.

She's a bounty hunter. She's constantly running, jumping and shooting the poopoodoodoocacapoopledoople out of bad guys and yet, there are women who expect her to be out of shape and dumpy? Has anyone taken a look at how men are portrayed in film and games? It's rare that you get "average-Joe-with-a-beer-belly" as an action hero. That's a screwed perception of the ideal male. Do men complain? Metroid is my favorite series ever, but the sexual element has always bothered me.

I know it's been there since the beginning, but I wish it would decrease rather than increase. I like Samus as a kick-butt action hero, not as a bikini pin-up.

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ToniK What? How is this skimpy? Do you see any butt or breast showing. Cause if you do then I understand. On why you're mad.

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But its not skimpy. If girls get to see main male protagonists be strong yet have their muscles practically being squeezed by their clothes, I think this is just as acceptable. It goes both ways, remember that. Males are also sexualized in media and no one has a problem with that, so I find this rather fair. It's not like it hinders her strong personality anyway. The problem isnt that she is over sexualized but that she is sexualized at all.

She appears to be a powerful and independent woman not one to care about what anyone else thinks. Therefore, logically should should be wearing her strongest and most protective outfit when fighting. Samus' little personality in the first games actually say a lot about her character and i just think this sexualization is just bothersome. I've never bought a game because the characters were "hot".

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Nor do I care what a character looks like or is dressed up in. To me it's all stupid nonsense that causes people to talk about the game and gets someone to buy it just for the sake of seeing digitized female parts. But then again, samus strip game will always find a way to complain about something in the gaming industry Because even in these outfits, she's still pretty much kicking up everyone's donkeys.

These clothes are fine. They work for the character. She is supposed to be athletic and these clothes just go along with that. The idea that she would wear anything else when inside the Varia suit is absurd. What would else she wear, a turtle neck? A character is judged to be a strong characters by their actions and the characterizations that are developed by their actions and thought.

Clothes don't and shouldn't affect that nor change it.

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The fact that Samus is in heels or a form fitting costume doesn't change those. First off,What heavy makeup? I don't see any in the screen shots. No noticeable eyeshadow,and a simple nude looking lip,the dark lashes could be mascara but could just be naturally thick. It does look a bit like there could be some eyeliner but that could also just be the light. Also so what if she wears a little makeup?

Samus strip game

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