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The left is not some club you by watching YouTube videos all day, we're a very large group of people who base our beliefs on complex, fact-based understandings of class analysis and economics, theory exists to clarify these things. Anti-intellectualism in the form of talking like theory is just two old dead white guys is both counter-productive and actively stupid.

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Tiktok is not theory, tumblr is not theory, Twitter thre are not theory. Get some short beginner recommendations and start reading, its easier than you think.

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Sources are in the notes! Please read those articles as I am not a journalist and simply summarising the info from them. On Wednesday 15th of July the UK Government announced a statute of limitations on all possible Troubles-era prosecutions before Essentially, this means it will be impossible for the victims of the conflict in Northern Ireland to receive justice.

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The Troubles s to was a complex period of history in Northern Ireland, where over 3, people were killed. It protects all sides of the conflict, from republican paramilitaries to loyalist paramilitaries to UK security forces.

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The statute of limitations would allow the UK to hide its war crimessuch as the Ballymurphy Massacre and Bloody Sunday. It is not a matter of unionist or nationalist, this is an issue of the UK continuing to not care about the North and the victims of the conflict. Please, please, please, read the articles in the notes and call out the British Government for this injustice.

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Will we really be able to change? They did it.

Tumblr sexy games

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