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Vampire Notes, a hentai RPG developed by ninjinpasta. Released December 11, Download on DLSite. For PC Windows. No voice acting. Censored genitals. Download the English machine translation patch here. Alicia sold her family heirloom to pay for mobile game microtransactions. Filled with regret, she begins a journey to recover the heirloom. As a vampire, this is her first time meeting humans! Read our guide on how to download DLSite games.

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Visit our perverted store for more porn games. Alicia is a vampire gamer girl who loves mobile gaming.

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She sold a priceless family heirloom to the lord of the town, to pay for more micro transactions. He will give the heirloom back if you help him recover some artifacts. Once you get them, the obvious bad guy reveals he was a bad guy all along who wanted to use the artifacts for evil things. There was a lot of potential in this story, but it was never realized. You have a vampire hunter, a powerful crime gang in the city slums, a mysterious cult, and a cute vampire girl with super powers. All these things sound exciting, but only play a tiny part in vampire notes game story.

The game takes control of your character about once every ten minutes. You have to watch a cutscene of your sprite walking, read very long speeches, and other nonsense. It makes you feel like you have no control over the story.

You could be level 99, and still be defeated by a squirrel, because the plot demands it. Use arrow keys for movement. Press CTRL during combat to speed up animations and advance to your next turn. Press Shift to hide text boxes during dialogue. The pause menu offers a quick save and quick load function. Will Alicia lose her virginity during her sleep?

Or maybe she was hypnotized? Just quicksave to see all the scenes.

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A hint function can be activated from the pause menu. This will create arrows on the map that tell you where to go. You can speak to your traveling companion for directions as well. The developers hold your hand through every challenge. Level-ups in this game happen very slowly. There are only two equipment slots to fill. The game can be completed in four hours, with your level being 12 or lower.

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This RPG is missing a sense vampire notes game progression and growth. Your character barely gets stronger. The developer released this game in Decemberbut has been updating it as recently as late April The store claims there are 44 scenes, but the updates have raised the total to Only five sex scenes have full screen CGs. There are over cut-in images, so the variety is sure to keep you satisfied. The cut-in images are square boxes to the left of the character art. They offer clothing variations and numerous angles on each situation.

I loved this little feature. Minor animation is used throughout the story. She rocks back and forth when she sleeps. Her traveling companion also has some minor vampire notes game animations. Great attention to detail! Outside of the art, the gameplay visuals are wonderful. Dynamic staircases allow you to enter and leave many rooms without loading screens. Unique textures and character sprites make the world exciting to explore. Altogether, the visual presentation of this game is close to perfect on my standards. The sound effects overall are good, but the audio in the sex scenes is terrible.

You hear the metallic slash of a claw, the ethereal explosion of magic, all the usual shenanigans you expect from a competent RPG in a medieval setting. Blowjobs sound like bare feet stepping on a pile of fish. Vaginal sex sounds like someone clapping in a broom closet.

The soundtrack has 51 songs. Almost all of them are unique compositions with copyrights owned by the developer. Many songs are recycled from their titles. Violin, harp, and cello come together to form a classical tune that fits the setting. The problem is, the game is far too short to use all 51 songs. As I listened to the soundtrack after beating the game, I noticed I never heard half of these tracks. Vampire Notes has a total of 60 sexy scenes, with over cut-in images. Almost half of all scenes involve groping or peeping, with no wild fetishes explored. Alicia might mention that she was impregnated, but it has no impact beyond that.

There is no visual cue and there are no consequences. This is a single scene that is incredibly hard to find. There are no hints on how to find sex scenes, so most players will never ever witness this. The truth is, this game is very vanilla. There are at least 8 scenes where Alicia is peeped on, and at least 5 where she is groped. Handjobs and blowjobs dominate the other scenes, with vaginal sex in the minority. Altogether, the hentai experience in this game was forgettable and very lackluster. Add in some false advertising, and most players are doomed to have a a very bland experience.

Vampire Notes is a gorgeous hentai RPG, with flaws.

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It lacks a sense of character progression. The soundtrack is good but barely utilized to its full potential. Sound effects are great, but not in the sex scenes. The hentai content is mostly vanilla. The best part is the incredible artwork, with hundreds of images to unlock, and two cute waifus to undress and soil.

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I recommend this to fans of vanilla hentai. Download Vampire Notes. Also check out our review for ChuChu Succubus Rem.

Vampire notes game

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