Vis major game

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Discussion Reviews 4. Prev 1 … Go to. First Prev 25 of 27 Go to. Respected User. Jan 27, 5, 17, Log in or register now. May 8, Sumit said:. The SaveEdit doesnt show naive or minx variables. Ken To Member.

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Jul 22, Ken To said:. Nov 29, 5. Aug vis major game, Reactions: sergej sovcev. Doki Ninja Newbie Game Developer. Apr 25, 98 MonkeyDLuffy said:. How I get this scene?? Ignazzio said:. My only issue is a journal that seems buggy as it closes itself after a second most of the time for me. Nothing happens at the Gym for me, Can't even get to the library, Every time I go the the studio it says no events at this time.

Also I can't find out if I got the job at the mall, it wont let me back into the office the next day. Mar 31, Hi Doki, played the game last night. I was thrilled to play again my little Cara she kept her name btwthank you for making her!

This new intro seemed odd to me though, maybe it's because I played too many times the game. Back then I liked the part with the party and I think all the secret agent stuff was better introduced. The kid fighting was But it's a new game so I'll wait to see what's in the great mind of yours for us! Gameplay wise : I don't see the point of the "fast travel map" as your maps aren't so big to begin with. On the contrary, the speed movement could be faster. The sprites are really good though, it's nice to see her walking like that! I missed the little girl with her letter, I hope she'll return at some point.

Reactions: Doki Ninja. Doki Ninja said:. Just to clarify, scene will trigger as long as you go to his office on the same day. So feel free to show Sheva so love. Reactions: the May 7, 2 0. Awesome78 Well-Known Member. Jun 10, 1, I don't get this game I played the intro, had 2 innocence to see the preacher talk, got ass felt by kid in hospital, did the sneak scene with the huge guy, did the secretary job, did the cafe job, then game ended????

Saw the walkthrough and it seems to have a lot more content than what I got. I downloaded from the link on 1. What gives? Awesome78 said:. Boktakchin New Member. Dec 3, 10 0. Boktakchin said:. Jun 28, 1, 1, Davidsdoom Newbie. Aug 13, 90 Maybe it's just me but I am not getting much on the play through.

No military scene, father scene, no content for Vis major game in the studio, and only one day of work at the coffee house or store secretary. Not even half the content of older versions. Andy Newbie. Aug 7, 54 There are two distinct games: 1.

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Vis Major - latest version 0. Vis Major: Awakening - latest version v All information in the Opening Post has information about Vis Major. Except for the download link! Even the title of this thread is wrong. This clearly causes a lot of confusion. Can someone please update OP and the Title? TheImagecrust Edit: Okay, I now noticed a separate thread was created! Ennoch Devoted Member Respected User. Oct 10, 6, 13, Andy said:.

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Vis major game

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